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The Technical Library contains more than 1,900 questions and answers related to the PT Cruiser. The Index is similar in design to the component and system groups found in the OE service manual. A description of each group is provided along with its corresponding group key number and or letter identifier. Select the group(s) description, which most defines your question, then click on the group identifier to review all of the questions we have received and answered for that topic.


Technical Library Index




OEM Engine Performance

Issues related to OEM engine performance, including jerking, misfire, revving, rough idle/running, shaking, stalling, stutter, surging, throttle surge, vibration, poor mpg and oil consumption.


Operational Features

Vehicle operation, and features which can be easily changed or modified by the owner.


Performance Modifications

Issues related to modifying the PT to increase (hp or mpg) performance.


TSB's, Recalls and Safety Issues

Issues related to Technical Service Bulletins, manufacturer recalls and safety concerns.


Warranty Issues

Issues related to warranty coverage.


Defective OEM Components

Defects in OEM components reported by multiple owners.


General Noise, Odor Concerns & Leaks

Issues related to non-specific internal and external noise, squeaks and odors.


Miscellaneous General Information

Non-categorized general information.


Aftermarket Non-Performance Product Help

Help for non-performance related aftermarket products.


OEM Vehicle Component Groups


Lubrication and Maintenance

Specifications, fluid type and fill locations, lube points, maintenance schedules, hoisting points, jump starting and towing.



Front Suspension - System, hub/bearing, knuckles, lower ball joint/seal boot, lower control arm, stabilizer bar and strut assembly.

Rear Suspension - Axle FWD rear/pivot bushing, hub/bearing, jounce bumper, shock absorbers, spindle, springs, stabilizer bar, watts link assembly, watts bell crank and watts link.

Wheel Alignment - Description and specifications.


Differential and Driveline

Description, half shaft, inner/outer CV boot.



Base - Brake fluid level switch, mechanical and hydraulic, lines, pads, shoes, calipers, adapters, guide pins, drum, fluid, reservoir, master cylinder, pedal, power brake booster, proportioning valve, rotor, support plate, wheel cylinder, parking brake.

ABS - speed sensors, tone wheel, traction control unit, HCU and ICU.



Clutch disc and pressure plate, interlock/upstop switch, release bearing, flywheel, master cylinder - LHD/RHD, modular clutch and slave cylinder.


Engine Cooling

Cooling specifications, accessory drive, drive belts, tensioner and pulley, engine coolant, recovery container, pressure cap, block heater, temperature sensor, thermostat, hose clamps, radiator and water pump assemblies.

8A, B

Audio/Video and Chime/Buzzer

Audio/Video - System, including the antenna body and cable, antenna - navigation and satellite, antenna cable - satellite, clock, radio, satellite receiver module, noise suppression components and speakers.

Chime/Buzzer - Description, operation, and diagnostic tests.


Electronic Control Modules

Anti-lock brake controller, data link connector, heated seat module, Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Diagnostic Trouble Code Definitions & Causes (DTC), Sentry Key Immobilizer module, and Transmission Control module (TCM).


Engine Systems

Battery - System, battery cables, holddown, tray, support bracket and thermal guard.

Charging - Charging, battery temperature sensor, alternator and voltage regulator.

Starting - Starting, starter motor and relay.


Heated Systems

Heated Glass - System, defogger switch and rear window defogger grid.

Heated Mirrors - System operation.

Heated Seat - System, heated seat switch, seat element and relay, seat sensor and module.



System, relay and switch.


Ignition Control

Ignition control, auto shut down relay, camshaft position sensor, ignition coil, IC capacitor, knock sensor, spark plug and cable.


Instrument Cluster

System, cluster mask, and lens.



Exterior Lighting - Back up lamp/unit and switch, CHMSL/unit, combo flasher, DRL module, fog lamp/unit, headlamp/unit and switch, license plate lamp/unit, multi-function switch, park/turn signal lamp and tail lamp/unit.

Interior Lighting - Center console flood lamp/housing, courtesy reading lamp, dome lamp/unit, cluster illumination lamps, rear cargo lamp/unit, trans range illumination indicator and vanity lamp.


Message Systems

Overhead console and ambient temperature sensor.


Power Systems

Door Locks - System, door lock switch/motor, liftgate lock motor, remote keyless entry module/transmitter.

Mirrors - System, mirror switch LHD/RHD.

Seat - System, driver seat switch, seat track and lumbar.

Windows - System, window switch and motor.



System, clockspring, driver airbag/cover, front seat belt and retractor, seat belt buckle and height adjuster, occupant restraint controller, passenger airbag/cover, rear and rear center seat belt and retractor/buckle, satellite acceleration sensor, seat airbag and side impact airbag control module.


Speed Control

System, cable, servo, switch, and vacuum reservoir.


Vehicle Theft Security

System, door cylinder lock switch, hood ajar switch (2001), liftgate cylinder lock switch, skis indicator lamp and transponder key.


Wipers and Washers

Front - Washer nozzle, wiper arm/blade/element/module/motor/switch.

Rear - Washer nozzle, wiper arm/blade/motor/switch, washer hoses, washer pump and reservoir.


Navigation and Telecommunication

System and hands free module.



Diagrams, symbols, circuit usage and function, connectors, splicing, grounding locations, fuse junction box, power distribution center and wiring diagrams for all components.



Air cleaner assembly, cylinder head, cover, camshaft, oil seal, hydraulic lash adjusters, intake and exhaust valves and seats, rocker arms, valve springs and seals, connecting rods, crankshaft assembly, piston and connecting rod/rings, structural collar, vibration damper, engine mounts, torque strut, lubrication, oil, filter, adapter, pan and oil pump, oil sensor, oil jet, oil cooler, intake and exhaust manifold, timing belt and tensioner.


Exhaust System and Turbocharger

Muffler, intermediate pipe, catalytic converter, support brackets/isolators, heat shields, turbocharger system, air cooler, lines and hoses, solenoids and vacuum harness.


Frame and Bumpers

Specifications, front/rear bumper reinforcement, fascia, frame, front crossmember, and front/rear emergency toe eyes and side rail tie down bracket.


Fuel System

Fuel Delivery - Fuel filter, fuel level sensor, lines, regulator, pump, module, rail, fuel tank, filler tube, inlet filter and quick connect fitting.

Fuel Injection - Accelerator pedal, pedal sensor, crankshaft position sensor, fuel injector, fuel pump relay, idle air control motor, IAT, MAP and O2 sensors, throttle body, TB control cable and throttle position sensor.



Power steering system description.

Column - Description, ignition switch, key/lock cylinder, upper/lower shroud and steering wheel.

Gear - Description, power steering pressure switch and inner/outer tie rods.



G288 Manual Transaxle - Description, axle seal, back up lamp switch, clutch bellhousing, detent plug, differential, fluid, gear shift boot/cable/knob/mechanism, input/output shaft, reverse shaft, synchronizer and transaxle housing.

T350 Manual Transaxle - Description, axle seal, back up lamp switch, differential/bearing cups, fluid, gear shift boot/cable/knob/mechanism, input/output shaft, output bearing and race, rear bearing oil feed through, shift crossover lever/shaft/bushing, shift rail and fork/bushing, shift selector shaft/bushing/seals, synchronizer and speed sensor.

41 TE Automatic Transaxle - Description, accumulator, driving clutches, final drive, fluid, gear shift bezel/cable/knob, holding clutches, input clutch, oil pump/seal, planetary geartrain, shift interlock system/cable/mechanism, shift mechanism, solenoid/ pressure switch assembly, input/output speed sensors, torque converter, transmission control relay and range sensor, and valve body.


Tires and Wheels

Description, tire specifications, alignment, wheels/cleaning/covers and front/rear wheel mounting studs.



Liftgate, front and rear doors, convertible top, decklid, glovebox, exterior, hood, instrument panel, interior, paint, seats, stationary glass, sunroof, weatherstrip/seals and body structure.


A/C and Heating

System description and operation.

Controls - Compressor clutch coil, relay, heater control, low/high pressure switch, blower motor resistor block, mode door cable, recirculation door actuator, temperature control cable, and vacuum check valve.

Distribution - Air filter, air outlets, blower motor, defroster duct, floor distribution ducts, HVAC housing, I/P demister ducts and I/P ducts.

Plumbing - Refrigerant lines, oil, compressor, condenser, discharge line, evaporator, variable orifice tube, accumulator, condensation drain tube, heater core, inlet/return hose, suction line and service port valve core.


Emissions Control

Emissions - System, evaporative emissions, oxygen sensors, leak detection pump, NVLD system, exhaust gas re-circulation and on-board diagnostics.

Evaporative Emissions - Purge solenoid, fuel filler cap, NVLD assembly, ORVR, PCV valve and vapor canister.

On Board Diagnostics (OBD) - System description and operation, and task manager.

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