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The following is a compilation of Q&A's submitted by enthusiasts and answered by Ed.


Part Seventy Four Q&A 1826 - 1850

1826. I have a 2003 GT (HO) with 75k miles. I drove the car this morning and noticed it hesitated when I cranked it up. Then a couple of hours later when I went to drive it again it was dead. No cranking, clicking or bells. It starts just fine when I jump start it, but when I disconnect the jumper cables it dies immediately. No matter how long I let it run to charge the battery it dies the second I take the cable off. – Gary, from California.

If the engine dies shortly after it has been jump started, or as soon as the jumper cables are disconnected, it sounds like the battery and or charging system are not operating (alternator, voltage regulator, wiring problem, battery or loose/dirty battery cables) correctly. Your local dealer will have to diagnose.

Follow up from owner – I replaced the battery; now the car cranks up and runs without any problems. Upon closer inspection the old OE battery had a crack next to the negative terminal. I guess this allowed the battery fluid to evaporate or boil out.


1827. I have a 2004 BE PT with 89k miles. My PT has been idling funny for about two months, both in park and drive. It will idle smooth at around 800rpms than drop to about 500rpms, sometimes even stalling. I recently changed the plugs and wires to see if this would help, but it did not. I have a mechanical background and thought maybe the PCV valve. – Joseph, from Florida.

If this is the original PCV valve it's overdue for replacement. If not, PCV valves are inexpensive and easy to replace therefore you can give it a try however a faulty valve and accompanying vacuum issue will usually cause a rolling or somewhat rough idle. Once tested and eliminated or replaced, if you still have a low idle condition continue reading.

The IAC motor (inside the throttle body) controls idle using a variety of inputs through the PCM. Rough idle and stalling most often occur when the idle speed drops below normal rpm. This can be caused by an issue with any one of the inputs which control idle through the PCM or a problem with the IAC motor. See Tech Library, OEM Engine Performance and Ignition Control subsections. See idle issues.


1828. I have a 2001 LE PT with 120k miles. I just replaced the starter because my PT wouldn't start. Now it is doing it again. When I turn the key, all lights come on, the buzzer goes off, radio works, but all I hear is one click. It is also difficult to get the gear shift out of park. I can hear clicking in the ignition when I push in the button on the gear shift to move it. I can only get it out of park when car is not running about 20% of the time. I thought if it was in neutral it might start, but it does not, even if I put the brake on. – Kathee, from California.

Did you replace the starter simply because it wouldn't start, or did you have it diagnosed as faulty before replacing it? If you replaced it because you thought it was faulty you may not have addressed the actual cause of the starting problem. Throwing parts at it can be very expensive.

Check you battery. You need a minimum of 10v to engage the starter. If the battery, connections and wiring are ok and you have sufficient voltage there may be an issue with the shift interlock switch based upon your description of the shifter difficulties. That would inhibit starter engagement. See your dealer for assistance.


1829. I have a 2004 BE PT with 83k miles. Once in a while I experience rough idle. I added injector cleaner and it ran better for one day than tripped the engine light (misfire on cylinder 4). At idle the engine shakes, so I changed the plugs, checked wires, replaced the injector for cylinder 4 and swapped the coil. I finally checked compression and found low compression on cylinder 4. Has about 94psi, but when I put oil into the cylinder it jumps to 165psi. – Shad, from Minnesota.

Compression in a healthy engine should be 170-225psi. If the compression reading is initially low, than higher after you squirt a little motor oil into the cylinder, this usually indicates that the rings and or cylinder are worn. No change in the compression readings would indicate that the cylinder has a bad valve. You may want to consider having a leakdown or cylinder leakage test conducted to help isolate the issue.


1830. Where is the engine identification number located? Thanks. - Irvine, from New Hampshire.

On the export 1.6L SOHC engine the identification number is stamped onto a machined pad located on the right front of the cylinder block below the cylinder head sealing surface.

On the export 2.0L DOHC engine the identification number is located on the left side of the engine block at the bedplate/engine block parting line near the crankshaft position sensor.

On the domestic 2.4L DOHC engine the identification number is located on the rear of the cylinder block.


1831. I have a 2001 BE PT with 60k miles. Do you know if a case number head for a PT 4667086-AB-P will fit one with a case number of 4667086-AC-P? I need to replace a cracked head. -Chris, from Ohio.

According to our IPB's the P/N for the cylinder head changed during the 2002 model year. The # character indicates a new P/N, but it does not describe how the part has changed. Your local dealer parts department should be able to tell you if the heads are interchangeable.

EDZ=2.4L Engine


4667 088AB EDZ HEAD, Cylinder


HEAD, Cylinder

4667 088AB EDZ Casting number 04667 086AB

#4667 088AC EDZ Casting number 04667 086AC


1832. I have a 2001 TE PT with 140k miles. While driving, I noticed that the battery light came on. Thinking it was a bad battery, I installed a new one. Shortly, after replacing it the light came on again. What is causing this? - Garrett, from Georgia.

The indicator icon resembles a battery, but it's actually a charging system indicator light. The light should come on briefly when the ignition is first turned ON and remain on briefly as a bulb check. If the light stays on or comes on while driving, it means that there is a problem with the charging system. The charging system consists of a number of components including the generator, Electronic Voltage Regulator (EVR) circuitry within the PCM, ignition switch, battery, Inlet Air Temperature (calculated battery temperature) sensor, wiring harness and connections, and accessory drive belt. You may be able to visually check the accessory drive belt to determine if it's loose or damaged and for loose harness connections, but with the exception of the new battery, your local dealer will have to assist with troubleshooting the remaining components.


1833. I have a 2003 GT (HO) PT with 48,5k miles. I got in my car after it had sat for about 30 minutes. The cooling fan started running right away, the temperature went up to the 3/4 mark, came back down to half way mark(normal operating temp.) and fan shut off. It went back up again all the way and the temperature light and chime came on, with the fan running fast. It did this 3 or 4 times. Then everything was normal. I checked for coolant leaks and low coolant and every thing looked good. The outside temperature was only about 70. Do I have a bad thermostat or temperature sensor possibly? This was the first time that ever happened, but seems fine right now. Thanks. – Bill, from Indiana.

Temperature Gauge Reading - Fluctuates, Cycles or Is Erratic

Possible causes include:

1. Temperature gauge or Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is defective or shorted.

2. Coolant level low in radiator (air will build up in the cooling system causing the thermostat to open late).

3. Cylinder head gasket leaking allowing exhaust gas to enter cooling system. This will cause thermostat to open late. Check for cylinder head gasket leaks. Check for coolant in the engine oil. Inspect for white steam emitting from exhaust system.

4. Water pump impeller loose on shaft.

5. Air leak on the suction side of water pump allows air to build up in cooling system. This will cause the thermostat to open late.

If it acts up again your local dealer will have to isolate the cause to a specific component.


1834. I have a 2003 GT (HO) with 98k miles. I went to the dealer to have the engine light checked and a small leak was discovered in the leak detection pump. The question is; where is the leak detection pump located so I can fix it? – Merle, from California.

The PT's Natural Vacuum Leak Detection system changed during the 2002 model year. Prior to than the NVLD system utilized a leak detection pump (LDP) as the method of evaporative system leak detection. During the 2002 model year the next generation NVLD system was introduced on vehicles equipped with the Next Generation Controller (NGC), like the PT.

The older system used a separate LDP which could be serviced, however the new NVLD system, which according to the service manual is utilized on the 2003, is an assembly therefore it appears that the entire NVLD assembly must be replaced.

The procedure to access the older LDP and the newer NVLD assembly is similar. They are both attached to the fuel tank which must be dropped for servicing.


1835. I have a 2001 LE PT with 56k miles. I had a local mechanic replace my pads rotors and calipers after dealing with severe squealing and grinding. The same mechanic replaced my wheels a week later, after dealing with frequent air leaks since I bought the car in 06. The next week, the Check engine light came on. I ran the diagnostic test and got code P0551 - Power Steering Switch. Could it be related to the recent work I had done? Should I check my fluid level before heading to the dealer? Thank you for your input. – Jackie, from New York.

A DTC indicates that the PCM has recognized an abnormal condition in the system. DTC's are the results of a system or circuit failure, but do not directly identify the failed component or components.

P0551 (M) - Power Steering Switch Failure - Incorrect input state detected for the power steering switch circuit. PL: High pressure seen at high speed.

Possible causes include:

Power Steering Pressure Switch (Z1) Ground Circuit Open
(K10) PSP Switch Signal Circuit Shorted To Ground
(K10) PSP Switch Signal Circuit Open
Power Steering Pressure Switch

Although there are a handful of possible causes for this error in several instances owners have reported a faulty power steering switch. The power steering pressure switch is mounted directly on the backside of the power steering gear. Although it's possible that the issue occurred during the tire and wheel work it's probably not likely given that the engine light popped on a week later instead of immediately after the work. Nevertheless, I would have them check it out to make sure they didn't miss anything. Check the fluid level as a precaution. If you decide to DIY the switch you'll find a replacement guide on the site.


1836. Where can I obtain an owner manual and or service manual?

Owner Manual

You can order a hard copy through your local dealership or the Chrysler web site. Or you can download a PDF file format copy for model year 2004-2008 on the Chrysler web site. f you have an earlier model year PT, download the 2004 version; a good deal of the information is will still be applicable.

Service Manual

We suggest that you avoid Chilton and Haynes manuals. Owners report that they're generally incomplete and or of poor quality when compared with the Chrysler OE service manuals. Chrysler service manuals can be order through your local dealer or Chrysler Tech Authorityonline.

OE service guides are also available through the Pit Pass area on the site. If you don't find what you need there, as part of the subscription service, we do fulfill all reasonable requests for OE service guide material.


1837. I purchased a pre-owned 2001 BE PT in 2005. It has 72k miles on it now. I've had continuous problem with smelling antifreeze and overheating. The shops say they can't find anything causing the overheating except this time it was low on antifreeze. I would think it is because it overheated again. Please help. – Jean, from Iowa.

The PT has a closed loop cooling system. White tailpipe smoke can indicate that the coolant or antifreeze is either leaking, or being forced into the combustion chambers and burnt. The exhaust will look wet and have a sweet smell to it. Burning coolant or antifreeze may be the result of a bad head gasket, warped or broken head or broken cylinder wall. These issues are all the result of overheating. If the symptoms look familiar have your local dealer run a cylinder compression or leakdown test to rule out and or isolate the issue.


1838. I have a 2004 LE (LO) PT with 72k miles. It's been running fine. I parked it for three days in the driveway, but now I'm unable start it. OBDII gives only the single code P2305. I cleared it, but it reappears when cranking. The plugs and wires are good. I used a timing light and cylinders 1 and 4 fire, but 2 and 3 don't. I checked voltage to coil and got 12 volts. Have read posts on other sites with same exact problem, but no one seems to know the answer. Can you help? – Rob, from Georgia.

The coil pack consists of 2 coils molded together. Coil number one fires cylinders 1 and 4. Coil number two fires cylinders 2 and 3. The PCM determines which of the coils to charge and fire at the correct time. The Auto Shutdown (ASD) relay provides battery voltage to the ignition coil. The PCM provides a ground contact (circuit) for energizing the coil. When the PCM breaks contact the energy in the primary coil transfers to the secondary, causing the spark. The PCM will de-energize the ASD relay if it does not receive the crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor inputs.

P2305 - Ignition Coil Secondary #2 Circuit

Possible causes include:

Intermittent Condition
Spark Plug
Ignition Wire
Ignition Coil Operation
Ignition Coil Control Circuit Open
Coil Control Circuit Shorted To Ground
(A142) ASD Relay Output Circuit
Ignition Coil

If necessary, we have a diagnostic for this fault available though the Pit area on the site.


1839. We have a 2004 LE PT with 42k miles. About a week ago our PT quit on the highway and my wife had difficulty jumpstarting the vehicle. Are there specific directions for this procedure with the PT? Thank you. - Maurice and Elaina, from New Jersey.

The OE directions are pretty straightforward. You can download and review a copy here (PDF file, 78KB).


1840. My 2005 TE PT with 33k miles began to misfire at idle when accelerating from a stop and sometimes while cruising. The A/C would also blow hot when the engine misfired and was never as cold as it since we purchased the vehicle about 20 months before. This complaint was registered every time we had it serviced. The last time the misfired occurred it was observed by the dealer who checked the electric radiator cooling fan switch. The lower speed(s) were not activating the fan, thus the engine ran too hot (didn't register so on the gauge) cutting the A/C compressor out. The engine misfire happened at the same time. A new cooling fan and switch cured the problem and the A/C works fine now. – Richard, from Texas.


1841. I have a 2002 BE PT. There is a ground strap that comes off the back of the engine (firewall side) that has a "locking" type round fastener. Where is this ground strap supposed to go? I've looked around and don't see anything obvious where it might have been. I just noticed it so there's no telling how long it's been there. Everything on the car seems to work OK except the remote for the door locks. Thank you. – Russell, from Texas.

The use of braided ground straps in key locations is part of the RFI and EMI prevention strategy on the PT. These ground straps ensure adequate ground paths, particularly for high current components such as many of those found in the starting, charging, ignition, engine control and transmission control systems. One end of the engine ground strap is bolted to the engine cylinder head. The other end attaches to a bolt on the top of the strut tower. As a precaution disconnect the negative lead on the battery before re-connecting the ground strap.


1842. We have a 2003 BE PT and are considering trading it in for a 2009 PT. When will they be available? Thanks. – Rob & Leslie, from Arizona.

New vehicles usually hit the dealer showrooms in Fall-Winter. The official production date was July 21, 2008. Introductory pricing for the sedan was made available for the LX, TE and LE editions. This and the latest production data suggest the “official” scuttlebutt regarding the demise of the Convertible is probably accurate. There will be a bump in price on the base model (LX) partly because A/C is now included as standard equipment.


1843. I have a 2001 TE PT with 123k miles I purchased an aftermarket radio with GPS that I would like to install. In order to use all the GPS features I need to connect a wire from the radio to the speed sensor on the cars computer for mph reading. What wire/pin do I need to attach the wire clip to for the GPS to know the speed of the car? And what is the best/easiest route to run the wire from the radio into the engine compartment? They also wanted the system hooked to the positive parking brake warning wire. – Les, from Rhode Island.

Access from the engine compartment into the vehicle - Inspect the driver side of firewall for a small hole with a grommet and hood release cable (looks like a stiff wire) passing through it. It's beside a larger hole with multiple wires. Straighten a coat hanger and tape the end of the wire to the tip of the hanger, then back about 2 inches. Line up the coat hanger, and thread it through this hole to the interior of the PT. Locate the passed through wire, un-tape and pull the wire through. Remove the hanger.

With regard to the vehicle speed sensor tie in we've been asked before and owners have met with mixed results. Sometimes it works other times, not. If not, contact the GPS manufacturer for support.

Warning - The PCM is very sensitive to static electricity and the pins within the connectors are very easy to damage. Disconnect the negative battery cable before proceeding and be extremely careful working in this area.

PCM Connector C2, black, 40 way. Vehicle Speed Sensor signal - Pin 66 Circuit G7, #20 white and orange colored wire.

Positive Parking Brake Warning Wire - Access the parking brake warning switch and tie into the gray and black positive wire there. The parking brake warning switch is on the right side of the parking brake lever.

Follow up from owner - Thank you for your help in this matter it was right on target on all accounts. You are correct that the positive side of the parking brake warning switch is GY/BK, and the negative side of the switch is screwed into the body for the ground. They also wanted the system hooked to the positive reverse lamp wires. I pulled the kick plate (step plate) molding from the driver side rear passenger seat door frame where I found a plastic wiring harness. I located the purple and black wire and used a plastic wire splicer to tie it in. It was easier then trying to run the wire from the inside of the car to the outside rear bumper.


1844. I have a 2004 DC GT (HO) with 55k miles. My oil light has recently been coming on. Yesterday I took it in to have the engine flushed and full synthetic oil put in. This morning, once again the oil light keeps flashing whenever I hit the brakes. If it's not an oil change that my PT Cruiser needs, then what is it? Thank you. – Kathy, California.

Did you review the owner manual?

Oil Pressure Light

“Shows low engine oil pressure. The light will come on and remain on when the ignition switch is turned from the OFF to the ON position, and the light will turn off after the engine is started. If the bulb does not come on during starting, have the system checked by an authorized dealer. If the light comes on and remains on while driving, stop the vehicle and shut off the engine. DO NOT OPERATE THE VEHICLE UNTIL THE CAUSE IS CORRECTED. The light does not show the quantity of oil in the engine.”

Assuming that you have an adequate amount of oil in the engine and the oil filter was changed during servicing, other possible causes include failing oil pump, defective oil pressure sending unit or warning light switch. Of the three, oil pressure sending unit failures are more common. Have your local dealer diagnose.


1845. We have a 2004 PC GT (HO) with 51k miles. The A/C needs to be recharged. I found the fitting on the small diameter hose near the accumulator. The low side fitting from my gauges will fit, but I thought the low or suction side was the large hose and the small hose was the high pressure side. The Haynes manual is not clear on this. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. – Don, from New York.

The low side service port valve is located on the liquid line near the accumulator. The high side service port valve is located on the discharge line near the compressor.


1846. I have a 2001TE PT with 107k miles. The sunroof has a broken track assembly. It will not vent, but will open with very loud cracking and binding. Closing it is a crap shoot. For now it is closed, however it will not push all the up in the rear to seal properly. The dealer said that the entire sunroof assembly needs to be replaced at a cost of around $2000. Is there any way to repair the track assembly without spending that kind of money? – Kevin, from California.

I can't say without looking at it however $2000 seems extremly expensive for a replacement assembly. According to the parts manual there are about a dozen serviceable parts including (P/N 5066 433AA) GUIDE, Sunroof Track, Right & Left. I would suggest that you obtain a second opinion to determine if the entire assembly requires replacement or possibly just the part described above. If the entire assembly must be replaced and you receive a similar quote ($2000) try checking with some local salvage yards for a used one.


1847. I have a 2001 TE PT with 61k miles. How do you remove the bezel for the overhead map light and temperature unit? I have a switch on one of the map lens that has collapsed. I can easily remove the rocker lens, but do not find any attaching screws to remove the overhead unit so I can replace the switch. Thanks. – Jerry, from Texas.

The 2001 parts catalog indicates that only the right/left map lamp lens and bulbs are serviceable on the overhead console therefore replacement switches won't be available through the dealership. You might try a local salvage yard.

1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.

2. Grasp the front of the overhead console and pull downward to disconnect the front retaining clips.

3. Slide the overhead console forward to disengage the rear tabs from the headliner.

4. Disconnect the overhead console wire connector.

5. Unsnap compass module from inner roof panel. Push module all the way forward to disengage the front retaining clip. Once the front clip is disconnected, push the module all the way rearward to disengage the rear retaining clip.

6. Remove console from vehicle.


1848. I have a 2001 LE PT with 138k miles. Would you know if the 2004 injectors and fuel rail are compatible with the 2001 model year? Thank you. – Francis, from New Jersey.

Here are the OE P/N's for the two model years. The # character indicates a change in the part, but does not describe what has changed therefore I can't say whether the injectors are compatible or not. The 2001 and 2004 fuel rails have the same P/N.

2001 INJECTOR, Fuel P/N 4891 345AA (EDZ)
2001 Rail, Fuel P/N 5014 312AA (EDZ)

2004 INJECTOR, Fuel P/N #4891 573AA (EDZ)
2004 Rail, Fuel P/N 5014 312AA (EDZ)


1849. I have a 2005 TE PT Convertible with 75k miles. I was installing a new radio when all the sudden I saw a tiny spark and all of a sudden the power locks stopped working. I replaced one of the IOD fuses, than didn't have any power windows. Then I disconnected the battery to try to reset the computer and after that the left side window kept going down every time I started the car. The convertible top won't work so I thought it may be a fuse but haven't been able to identify it. Please help. – Aber, from Texas.

Specifically, fuse #9 (40amp) in the PDC under the hood feeds the power top relay. There have been issues with con top operation related to dead batteries, disconnects and jumpstarts. This may or may not be related to the other issues you're experiencing, or you could have shorted something out during the radio installation. You can try checking all the interior and PDC fuses to help resolve these issues. See Tech Library, Body subsection.


1850. I have a 2004 LE PT (LO) with 29k miles. When the engine is cold the engine cranks about 3 seconds before firing and starting. After reading related PTDIY posts there seemed to be a common thread related to the fuel pump pressure. I tried and was very pleased to successfully eliminate this problem today by following the following sequence.

1. Turned the key to the first on position without engaging the starter.

2. Paused until the warning chimes stop which is about 5 seconds.

3. Turned the key to the second position which engages the starter.

4. Release the key promptly after the engine fires.

Following this procedure today was the first time that the engine fired right away on the first turn. Thank you very much for the most informative troubleshooting tips. – John, from Kentucky.


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