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The following is a compilation of Q&A's submitted by enthusiasts and answered by Ask Motor-Mike and Ed.


Part Twenty Nine - Q&A 701 - 725

701. I have a 2002 LE PT. While adding the OEM cabin air filter I dropped a socket. On the antenna side of the washer fluid reservoir, under the bracket where the 2 reservoir bolts are, there is a black hole, which now holds my socket. Where would the socket go after falling in this hole and is there another way to get to this area rather than down the hole? Like removing a cover or something. - Rick, from North Carolina.

I changed the filter long ago, and don't recall seeing the black hole that you mention. You might try using an extraction tool. Pick-Up Tools are made for this purpose and available with a small claw hand (or magnet) on one end, which can be remotely opened and closed. It would enable you grab on to hard-to-reach hardware or tools in this instance. A model with the magnetic end might be suitable for this extraction. I suggest that everyone use locking socket extensions. The new design eliminates dropped sockets. They are available from NAPA and Sears as well as many other tool distributors.


702. I have a 2002 LE PT and have noticed a loss of power steering fluid over the last 4 months, but have not been able to spot a leak underneath. I took the PT in for a 30k checkup and mentioned my concern. The mechanic discovered that the gearbox was leaking slightly and the fluid was draining into the boot. They want to replace the gearbox assembly, replace the boots and do a front-end alignment. I was surprised that this would occur so soon and wonder if the diagnosis sounds correct to you? I have the 36k bumper to bumper warranty. Thanks. - William, from Wisconsin.

We haven't received any power steering fluid leak complaints, however any $0.25 rubber seal can fail. Most warranty failures from defects in manufacturing happen in the first 6 months. Any fluid can have a dye added to pinpoint the leak. If the leak has stopped, the technician replaced the correct part.


703. I have a 2003 BE PT and read in the owners' manual that a chime sounds when using the reverse gear, however when I engage my PT in reverse there is no chime? Thank you. - Gary, from Illinois.

When reverse is selected, a chime is heard to confirm that reverse is engaged - this feature is available with the Turbo and Diesel models only.


704. I have a 2001 LE PT. I just received some information to identify the fault code that came up. It indicates a misfire in cylinder #1. What does this mean? It is running badly and I am just 3900 miles over the warranty period. - Kathy, from Oregon.

When you write, it's a good idea to include the actual fault code, since some descriptions of the code could indicate more than one code or issue. There are 2 misfire codes for Cylinder #1 - P0201 and P0301. P0201 indicates that the injector circuit has a problem, while P0301 indicates that the cylinder isn't making power. A simple defective spark plug or wire could be the cause. You are supposed to change the plugs at 30K miles. You can swap the plugs and wires from #1 to #4 without difficulty. Swap them and determine if the P0301 changes to a P0304.


705. I recently purchased a 2003 DE PT Turbo. Thus far, a great vehicle. Since this is a high output engine, which generates lots of heat, I am thinking of replacing the OEM radiator with a larger capacity radiator to help run the engine/cooling system cooler. Is it possible to do this on the turbo-charged engine? If so, how much would it cost? What other engine components would have to be modified? Thank you. - John, from California.

There is absolutely no need to change the cooling system. The high efficiency radiators are not like the old days. Also, there is no room for a 4-core radiator to fit. The thermostat and cooling fans are designed to compliment a computer- controlled engine. Changing the running temperatures will result in changes in driveability, many times, for the worse. The best cooling modification would be a bottle of Redline Water Wetter. It's a surfactant and breaks the surface tension between the metal and the coolant. Conduct a simple online search to learn more about Redline Water Wetter.


706. I have a 2002 TE PT w/automatic transmission. When coming to a stop the car downshifts hard. I noticed this when the speedometer hits about 5-10mph prior to stopping. I have taken it to the dealer about 5 times and each time they can't find anything wrong with it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks. - RC, from Nevada.

The shifts are computer controlled and solenoid activated. If the technician has not detected any trouble/history in memory, ask the dealer for a comparison test drive using a comparable PT on their lot to either demonstrate that this behavior is normal, or to highlight the problem.


707. I have a 2003 LE PT and would like to lower drivers seat by about one inch. It seems like there is space. - Joe, from New York.

We have received a few emails from individuals who were tall and wanted to lower the seat or short and wanted to raise it beyond it's designed range. One visitor remarked that he lowered it by removing the seat, and disassembling the seat assembly, to separate the base. The base was (shortened) modified at a local weld shop, reassembled and reinstalled. We don't know what options (power, side airbags, seat heaters, etc.) he had on the seat or what the final outcome was. The service manual does not provide instructions for disassembly beyond a certain point, which includes the seat frame.

I've had the seats out several times and there is not a practical way to lower them, nor are shorter OEM seat bases' available. Forum posts have suggested that the power optioned driver side seat (when adjusted to its lowest position) in the PT is a bit higher than the regular driver side seat. It may be possible to swap the seats out, but we are not aware of anyone that has done so. If that's not possible you may want to check into a replacement after market seat that would accommodate you, but I'm not sure what's available or how expensive a process it might be.

My concerns are safety related, when adjusting the seat beyond the OEM specifications and or replacing it. How would changes affect: (1) physical strength of the seat after welding, (2) position of the airbag in relationship to the driver when the restraint system is deployed, and (3) potential impact with the steering wheel or windshield, instead of the airbag.


708. I have a 202 LE PT. Do you have to remove the passenger side tire, and wheel well to replace the antenna base? Thanking you in advance. - Jim, from California.

Not unless you need more room to work, the OEM instructions call for removing the inner fender shield as necessary to gain access to the antenna mounting fasteners. You'll find a guide for this procedure in the Pit area.


709. I have a 2002 LE PT and have seen a Cruiser in town with running boards. Where can we get these? Thanks. - Phyllis, from Florida.

There are a few companies, which manufacture after market running boards for the automotive industry, including E&G who seem to be a popular choice for many PT owners. We have a E&G Running Board Installation Guide in the Pit area.


710. I have a 2003 BE PT and have noticed that the rear seat power window switches do not light up, are they supposed to? Thank you. - Gary, from Illinois.

The rear seat power window switches were operable in the 2001 and 2002 model years PT's, however they do not light up in the 2003 model year Cruiser. DC apparently did away with that feature.


711. Mitch Shaw wrote, we purchased a 2002 PT without the OEM smoker package. My wife and I don't smoke, however we are use to having a place to throw gum wrappers and other trash. We discovered that the Rear Ash Tray Assembly (P/N 0K53A68660ABT) that came out of our 2002 Kia Sedona mini van fits perfectly in the console and the color matches very well. The cost through a Kia dealer is about $18.00. (The smoker package is an optional purchase with all PT models.)


712. We have a 2001 LE PT and just replaced a faulty door latch in the front door, but now the door doesn't close correctly. Does the latch need to realigned or adjusted during the replacement process? Thank you. - Kyle, from Arizona.

The service manual warns not to close the door before adjusting the door latch. The door may fail to open. Here's the Front Door Latch Adjustment procedure.

1. Insert a Torx-wrench through the elongated hole in the door end frame near the latch striker opening.

2. Loosen the Torx head screw on the side of the latch linkage.

3. Push the button on the outside door handle and release it.

4. Tighten the Torx head screw on the latch.

5. Verify the latch operation.


713. I have a 2003 DE PT Turbo. Regarding modifications, will installing a dual exhaust void the warranty? - John, from California.

Generally speaking, modifications will not void your warranty unless DC can show that your modification caused a component to directly or indirectly fail. Of course, there is always an exception to the rule - when in doubt check with your local DC dealer or the manufacturer who provides the part/mod.


714. I have a 2001 LE PT and would like to install a push button start. There are only 3 wires to hook up. I need to know which wires at the ignition switch are the 12v constant, 12v ignition and starter wire? Thanks for the help. - Mark, from Kentucky.

thumbnailStart is pin #6, yellow.
B+ is pin #1, red.
Ignition is pin #7


715. I have a 2002 BE PT and have a question relating to the installation of an AutoVentshade Bugflector (Single piece). I purchased this about a year ago and I have not installed it yet. The bugflector comes with adhesive strips, however they have dried out and will not stick to anything. Is there any aftermarket adhesive available and will the adhesive do the job? I was reluctant to use the screws since I did not want to risk messing up the hood with holes that are out of position. Please advise. - Chuck, from Pennsylvania.

3M makes a double-sided tape, which may be what they use, but as with all aftermarket part installations we recommend that you check with the manufacturer, who can provide you with the correct/ appropriate information/replacement tape. A simple online search yielded a web site ( and offer for toll free installation help at (800) 241-7219. Choose option #4.)


716. I have a 2001 LE PT with 124k miles. I'm taking a trip to Florida soon. Would you recommend changing the belts now or when I come back? My PT seems to be running better than it ever has. It feels like it has picked up power too. I change the oil every 3000, transmission fluid is fresh, new tires, new paint, wash and vacuumed every week, new battery, double platinum plugs. Only thing left to change is the belts right? DC wants to charge me a fortune to change the belts; do you have any instructions on the site? - James, from Connecticut.

We recommend that you follow the maintenance schedule outlined in your owners' manual. Common sense dictates that at 124K it may be a good time to evaluate the (drive and timing) belts and replace as necessary, if you have not already done so at the recommended 30k, 45k, 60k, 75k, 90k and 105k inspection intervals under schedule B. If you intend to handle it yourself you will need a service manual. You'll find belt inspection and replacement procedures in the Pit area.


717. I have a 2001 LE PT. The clutch of my PT gave in. Suddenly there was nothing. Apparently the cable slips out. The mechanic put it back, replaced the fluid and tried to bleed it - to no avail. He said it is impossible to bleed it and I must replace the clutch master, which is very expensive. Is it true that the clutch cannot be bleed and that I must replace the clutch master cylinder? - Nelia, from South Africa.

We can't be sure what the mechanic did or did not do, or if he used a service manual. If air is ingested into the system bleeding may be necessary and is outlined in the manual, however as noted within the procedure, if it fails to resolve the problem it is necessary to replace both the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder assemblies.


718. I took delivery of my second (2003 TE UK Spec 2.0L Petrol) PT this past January. I have 4500 miles on it. The problem is a flat spot at the lower end of the acceleration range. When I shift up a gear, there is a definite lull before the engine accelerates. I have changed the fuel grade from 95 ron, to 98 ron unleaded, and the problem has lessened, but is still there. I have had the vehicle back to the local dealer twice, but they cannot find the cause of the problem. Their computer shows nothing amiss. Compared with my first PT, this one is not a pleasure to drive. Other noticeable factors are; sometimes the car operates better on a colder day than on a warmer one. When staring first thing in the morning, sometimes it will hunt with engine rpm's varying from 1000 - 1300. The car will easily stall at this stage. Can you please advise me on what may be wrong? I look forward to your reply. Thank you. - Graham, from North Wales U.K.

You may want to remind the dealer that the warranty is there to ensure that your PT drives exactly like all the others he sells. If it does not, there is something to repair. Many times a sensor will be at the edge of its operational tolerance. It will work poorly, but it will not set a code. This is when you need a good diagnostic technician, not just some idiot who can plug in a scanner and look for codes. Have your dealer take another look, if they are unable to diagnose and fix the problem to your satisfaction find a more competent dealer. Unfortunately, this is not an issue that has been reported to us before, which makes it difficult to provide advice without the benefit of seeing the car. Best of luck with the fix, and please let us know how it is resolved.

Follow up from owner - Many thanks for the reply. I contacted my dealer once again, and this time they replaced the oxygen sensor." I had a good look at the computer readings for the car, and this was switching high/low as it should. The Lambda reading is now on the rich side of 1.0 and the car is now performing well.


719. I have a 2002 TE PT and would like to know where can I found out more about the type of transmission I have in my Cruiser? Thanks. - Allen, from Pennsylvania.

The transmission options were limited to two choices for the 2002 model year PT. You either have the T350 manual (5-speed) transaxle or the 41TE automatic (4-speed) transaxle. Your owners' manual contains some information about each transaxle.


720. I have a 2003 BE PT and would like to know what the optimum rpm's are for cruising in town, (30-40mph) and what gear to use? To me, 3000rpm's sounds like it's screaming, I'm use to my truck (4.3 V6) spinning at 900-1000rpm's at 30-40mph speed. Thanks. - Gary, from Illinois.

You don't mention which transmission you have. With an automatic keep it in "D" Drive. It's used for most city and highway driving and provides the smoothest up and down shifts along with the best fuel economy. With a manual transmission utilize the lower gears for city driving. The 30-40mph range would probably fall between 3-4th gear. If the rpm's feel to high, downshift to a lower gear. This information can be found in your owners' manual.


721. I have a 2002 BE PT and would like some information on the throttle position sensor? Thank you. - Warren, from Oklahoma.

ThumbnailThe throttle position sensor mounts to the side of the throttle body. The signal represents throttle blade position. As the position of the throttle blade changes, the resistance of the TPS changes. The PCM supplies approximately 5 volts to the TPS. The TPS output voltage (input signal to the Powertrain Control Module) represents throttle blade position. The TPS output voltage to the PCM varies from approximately 0.6 volt at minimum throttle opening (idle) to a maximum of 4.5 volts at wide open throttle. Along with inputs from other sensors, the PCM uses the TPS input to determine current engine operating conditions. The PCM also adjusts fuel injector pulse width and ignition timing based on these inputs.


722. I have a 2003 PT with 8k miles on it, which I had serviced today because the engine light came on and fuel gauge needle dropped to empty and then back to the correct level, indicating about half a tank. The dealer indicated that the problem was corrected with TSB 18-029-02, (Software download to correct an issue pertaining to hard starts or long-crank to start the car.) which updated the controller. After the repair I was about one mile from the dealership when the engine light came back on and fuel gauge needle dropped to totally empty, then back to half-full, to empty, and finally to one-eighth tank. The technicians at the service center are clueless thus far. I suspect that after updating the software the technician did not run the diagnostics again to make sure there were no further issues and that the codes were cleared. The fault codes were PO462, PO1604 and P1681. Other than this issue, it's a fabulous car. - Rob, from USA.

It sounds like a simple intermittent circuit in the sending unit. It's a mechanical gauge wired to the sending unit in the tank. The dealer may be searching for a computer problem when it's only a mechanical defect.

P0462 Fuel Level Sending Unit Volts Too Low - Fuel level sensor input below acceptable voltage.

P1604 PCM Internal Dual Port Ram Read/Write Integrity Failure - Dual port RAM read/write error.

P1681 No I/P Cluster CCD/J1850 Messages Received - No CCD/J1850 messages received from the cluster control module.

Follow up from owner - I called the dealer on Friday, intent on taking the car to another dealership on Tuesday, since the first shop had the car for three days. When I arrived, the service advisor told me they had discovered that the problem was a faulty headlamp wiring harness. Since the repair, I have started it seven times while running errands and found no repeat of the MIL or gas gauge needle issue.


723. Simon, who owns a 2002 LE 2.0L PT wrote can you confirm the type of OBDII system fitted to my PT? I believe it to be ISO9141 compliant, but have also been told it might be J1850 based? The OBD connector appears to have a combination of ISO and J1850 pins populated. My ISO9141 scan tool always reports a bus error when connecting, which leads me to believe that DC may be using another OBDII protocol, such as J1850 VPW. My local dealer seems to be completely clueless. Any help would be appreciated. - Simon, from UK.

The service manual does not include the specific protocol information, although every car manufactured after 1996 is OBD2 compliant. This means a standard connector and standardized code reading protocols. Any OBD2 scanner can access, read, and clear codes. Advanced scanners can access freeze frame data, histories, as well as read the real time datastream. I have successfully used the OTC 4000 enhanced, the Snap On MT-2500, and the Blue Streak BDM scanner/scope. Others have used the Vehitronix, OTC Mindreader, and Actron consumer level code readers. None have reported problem accessing the code data. You might try contacting DC directly or asking this question at

Follow-up from owner - I have done a bit more digging around and have had confirmation from a scan tool supplier that the PT does in fact use the J1850 VPW protocol on the OBDII interface, which explains why my ISO scanner didn't work. I haven't confirmed this myself but I am now building a J1850 scanner and some software and will give it a try.


724. I purchased a 2003 TE PT 10 months ago, which I have really enjoyed. With 10K miles on it I recently noticed that when it is standing or just idling it starts to shake almost as if it is going to stall. My dealer told me it's going to be two weeks before I can schedule an appointment. In the interim, they suggested adding fuel injector cleaner. I took their advice and added the fuel injector cleaner while I was refueling. It did nothing to alleviate the problem, and in fact, the shaking is much worse now. What do you think this could be? - John, from New York.

There are many possibilities. Since the engine light isn't on, diagnosis would start with fuel pressure, spark plugs, idle air control valve, and EGR. My best guess without seeing it is EGR.


725. I have a 2001 LE PT with 65k miles. I've got a couple of questions that I haven't seen addressed on this site. (1) The covers on my headrests constantly come "unsnapped" at the seam on the underneath side. Is there any way to make them stay "snapped shut? (2) It sounds like the A/C clutch is fixing to go out. When I start the engine, there is a brief screeching sound and the A/C is not cooling. Then the screeching stops and the cool air comes on. I have previously replaced at least 2 A/C clutches on Chrysler vehicles. Is this a known problem with Chrysler vehicles? Is there anything that can be done to prevent it? (3) My fog lights stopped working. I've checked all the fuses and relays and they are ok. Is there a known issue with the switch and how difficult is it to replace? Thanks for your help. - Mark, from Texas.

1. I've never seen a concern with the headrest covers. I looked at my leather covers and there seems to be enough play in the leather to easily keep them fastened closed. Is it possible that your covers have shrunk a bit? You might try removing and reinstalling them for a better fit.

2. Were not aware of any A/C clutch issues with the PT. Drive belt condition and tension should have been inspected and adjusted as necessary at 30k, 45k, 60k miles, per maintenance schedule B. I would look there prior to any A/C work.

3. The multifunction switch has been the culprit many times. It should be a warranty issue.


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