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The following is a compilation of Q&A's submitted by enthusiasts and answered by Ask Motor-Mike and Ed.


Part Twelve - Q&A 276 - 300

276. My 2002 PT has 4500 miles on it and uses 3/4 of a quart of oil every 500 miles. The dealer did a consumption test and changed the valve cover. The problem is still there. They ran another consumption test, tore down the engine and removed the pistons, checked the rings and replaced the valve seals, which hasn't fixed the problem. What can I expect next? Any ideas? - Don, from the USA.

If they've done the piston rings and valve seals, you need a new engine. It's that simple. How much labor time do they plan to invest when a simple engine swap will cure the concern?


277. I just got back from the dealer. I was going to get the Jet Chip installed and found out it has been recalled. Tech support said it was recalled and wont work on the 2002 PT. - Dewayne, from the USA.

There were no changes to the sensors involved with the Jet Chip. I'm curious about this recall. Many owners, including me, had problems with the check engine light. I found a simple cure; maybe they did not figure it out. The signal from the MAP sensor to the PCM takes 500ms to read the voltage at startup. The Jet Module can't turn on and settle in that time. The fix is simply to turn the key to run and wait one second before turning the key to the start position. That simple technique cured the CEL.

Follow up - a number of 2002 owners have written and indicated that they experienced installation issues with the Jet Chip and returned the product. Mike removed it from his PT in late 2002 and sold it on ebay.


278. I hear a noise when I drive my PT. It appears to come from the back of the passenger air bag cover. I can hear it whenever I ride over even a slightly rough road. Have you heard of this problem before? Thanks for your time. - Leon, from the USA.

Noise issues are difficult to diagnose, especially online. I have not seen anything particular to your description. Most likely, there is a loose or missing clip. The dealer has had plenty of practice with this type of concern. They should be able to track it down. It's a warranty issue.


279. I own a 2001 PT w/auto transmission and would like to know more about the 41TE automatic transmission. Thank you. - Don, from Idaho.

ThumbnailThe 41TE is a four-speed transaxle that is a conventional hydraulic/mechanical assembly with an integral differential, and is controlled with adaptive electronic controls and monitors. The hydraulic system of the transaxle consists of the transaxle fluid, fluid passages, hydraulic valves, and various line pressure control components. Complete OEM information on all of the PT's transmissions is provided in the Pit area.


280. I've been having a problem with the temperature gauge. The temperature has been swinging up and down the scale between the 1/4 and1/2 markers (even at highway speeds). The dealer said it wouldn't be a problem unless it went into the red zone and the fan failed to come on. I disagreed; later the dealer discovered that the radiator was leaking and replaced it. The temperature problem continued, then they replaced the thermostat and radiator cap, which did not resolve the problem. I have taken two other 2001 PT's for test drives' and they did not display problem. I don't believe dealership is being truthful and it's only a matter of time before I experience a major engine problem. - Jeff, from the USA.

I don't foresee a problem as long as the temperature never goes past the halfway mark. It sounds like the thermostat is opening and closing with a wider than desired margin. If it's rated at 195F, it begins to open around 190F and closes around 180F. Your actual temp points may be spread out a little farther.


281. I have a bulb out behind my dashboard panel, for the gas gauge. I took off the dash, and there are all these round/spiny things the bulbs are in, but they just don't twist out, and I'm afraid of breaking them. How do you get them off? - Dan,from the USA.

The bulbs turn a 1/4 turn counter clockwise to remove. Page 414 of the 2002 service manual indicates that the bulb is a PC74. The bulbs should not burn out prior to 100K miles unless they are messed with during some other mod. The dealer should replace them for free under the 36K bumper to bumper warranty.


282. What is the correct P/N for the Mopar replacement brake pads and how much should I expect to pay for them? Thank you guys. - Rick, from the USA.

Pad Kit P/N 5017 843AA. The same pad is utilized in the 2001-2002 PT. The dealer list price is $117 for the front pad set. The Wagner MX-841 Thermo-Quiet are about $60.


283. I own a 2001 PT Cruiser w/manual transmission. The engine will not crank, starter will not turn over. I have power to everything but the starter, and have experienced no codes. Thank you. - Dean, from the USA.

There are a number of things that can create this problem and need to be checked, however the trouble shooting procedure covers 3 pages in the service manual. Here are some suggested starting points:

ThumbnailStarting System Schematic

1 - Solenoid Terminal
2 - Starter Solenoid
3 - Starter Motor
4 - Starter Relay Connector
5 - PCM
6 - Ground Circuit
7 - Transmission Range Sensor/Park/Neutral Sensor
8 - Ignition Switch
9 - Ignition Feed
10 - Battery
11 - Battery Relay Feed
12 - Positive Cable
13 - Negative Cable
14 - Clutch Interlock Switch (MTX only)

A no-start could be any of the above items.

My first test would be to turn on the headlights and try to start the car. If the lights dim and yet the starter does not turn, you have a faulty starter. If the lights remain bright, the problem is in the control circuit. My second look would be the fuses involved. My third look would be the clutch/starter interlock switch mounted on the clutch pedal. If all those test OK, I'd put a test light on the starter relay contacts to determine what side of the control isn't working. Info - 2002 service manual, pages 644-647


284. How do I disable the key-in ignition reminder chime? Thank you. - Al, from the USA.

The chime module is part of the Body Control Module and instrument cluster. It can not be serviced separately. The chime system provides the driver with warning chimes for:

Seat Belt
Exterior Lamps On
Key-In Ignition
Warning Lamp Announcement
Turn Signal On
Park Brake
Low Fuel
Door Ajar
Reverse (Diesel Only)


285. I have a 2002 BE PT and would like to install the OEM fog lights. I have the wiring plugs next to where the lights mount. Does this mean my PT is wired for the fog lights? What about the current multifunction switch, do I need to replace it and how is this accomplished? Thank you. - Frank, from Ohio.

The existence of the two 2-wire plugs near the fog light mounting areas probably means that your PT is wired for the lights. However some owners who have indicated that the plugs are in place also mention that the wiring is missing. In this situation you will have to run the wiring yourself. The complete Mopar Fog Lamp kit includes the wiring, headlamp multifunction switch and instructions. You will need to replace the old OEM multi-function switch with the new headlamp/fog multi-function switch. The OEM procedures for replacing the multifunction switch and installing the fog lamps is available in the Pit area.


286. My 2002 PT was involved in an accident and the battery is going to be disconnected for some time, perhaps two weeks. I understand that the odometer will retain its mileage reading, but what about the other devices that require the battery in order to work? Do I have to reset them? Thanks. - Roberto, from the USA.

You will have to reprogram your radio time and stations, and you will lose the mileage on the "trip" odometer. Everything else will be fine, although the PCM will go through a short re-learning process to determine fuel and shift points. If it seems to run poorly for 10 miles, ignore this.


287. The 2002 Cruisers do not include a hood sensor as part of the OEM Vehicle Theft / Security System (VTSS). I found a tie-in point to add a hood sensor to the system for my 2002 Canadian Cruiser. The alarm sensor for the two front doors is achieved through the door ajar switches, which are located within the door handle mechanism and difficult to access. However, the two rear doors utilize door ajar switches, which are mounted on the door frame. Like many other alarm switches, the switch goes to ground when the door is opened. So, the thing to do is connect another switch (shock or glass sensor) in parallel with it. Using the service manual, I located an easier point to tie-in to this door ajar switch. It is located behind the left side door kick panel, which is easily removed, on (white) connector C202 pin 2, tan/orange wire. Once the alarm is set, grounding this wire sets the alarm off the same as opening the left rear door. Info provided by Andre, from Canada.


288. I have a 2001 PT Cruiser and while driving always turn the fog lights on for safety purposes. Recently I noticed that neither the fog lights nor the indicator on the dash panel are working. I have checked the fuses and they are all ok. If one of the fog lights burnt out would this cause the problems I'm experiencing? Thank you. - Gail, from the USA.

No, the dash indicator lamp will light even if both bulbs are blown. I would suggest checking the #8 fuse in the fuse block first. The fuse block is located in the left front lower instrument panel next to the steering wheel. If a voltmeter or test light indicates 12 volts exiting the fuse, then power is going to the multifunction switch. If the fuse is blown, you have more problems. Fuses don't blow without reason. This is a warranty repair.


289. I purchased a 2001 Cruiser several months ago and would like some information about the fuel pump. Thank you. - Robert, from Arkansas.

The electric fuel pump is located in and is part of the fuel pump module. It is a positive displacement, gerotor type, immersible pump with a permanent magnet electric motor. The fuel pump module is suspended in fuel in the fuel tank. Additional information about the fuel/system and pump is available in the Pit area.


290. In the forums I read about a battery blanket for the PT, but I don't seem to have one on my PT. What is a battery blanket? Thank you. - Jill, from Nebraska.

On gasoline engine equipped vehicles a flexible thermal guard wraps around the battery case to enclose the sides of the battery. The thermal guard consists of a plastic cloth outer skin with a polyester based insulator fiber. The thermal guard protects the battery from engine compartment temperature extremes. The temperature of the battery can affect battery performance. The air trapped in the thermal guard creates a dead air space, which helps to insulate the sides of the battery case from the air temperature found in the surrounding engine compartment. When replacing the battery, the thermal guard must be transferred to the new battery. The list price on a replacement cover is approximately $8.


291. What type, and how much refrigerant does the PT A/C system use? - Vernon, from the USA.

The compressor is designed to use R-134a refrigerant. The maximum amount of refrigerant that the A/C system is designed to hold is 851 grams or 1.875 lbs. This information is also available on an underhood decal.


292. On the 2002 PT where is the OBDII (On Board Diagnostics) connector located? Thank you. - Walt, from the USA.

Look just below the panel, above the brake pedal


293. A member of our UK PT Club with a 2001 LE PT, w/manual transmission is experiencing a fault code P0134. Could you possibly tell me what the code is for? Any help I can pass along would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Alan, from the UK.

A P0134 MIL code indicates: Neither rich nor lean mixture is detected from the oxygen sensor input.

The upstream oxygen sensor threads into the outlet flange of the exhaust manifold. The downstream heated oxygen sensor threads into the system depending on emission package. Federal package the O2s is mounted after the catalytic convertor. Complete information on the 02 Oxygen Sensors is available in the Pit area.


294. I own a 2001 2L Euro PT. My left turn signal has recently stopped functioning. Jiggling the hazard switch on/off a couple of times seems to rectify the problem. Is this a faulty multifunction unit? Presumably covered under the warranty? - Rob, from the USA.

Your description of the problem points toward the multi function switch assembly. That should be covered under the warranty.


295. My 2002 base model PT developed a clicking/ticking noise in the wheel covers. At your suggestion, and after checking with the dealer, they replaced the wheel covers. Bingo! Problem solved, but only temporarily, it's starting again.

I wrote to DC and they replied that they won't do anything, and my dealer is shrugging me off now too. Other than spending big $$$ for wheel upgrades, what can I do? I've heard this problem from a growing number of PT owners and would love to know how to get DC to admit they have a problem and do something about it. In my book, PT stands for Persistent Ticking. - Michael

I've had wheel covers tick like that, mostly due to soft steel rims flexing, not the actual covers. I've had some luck in eliminating the noise by either screwing the covers to the wheels (tough to do), or greasing the contact areas of the covers. If you've discussed this issue with DC and the dealer and they refuse to help you any further I'm not sure what you can do at this point. I guess you could continue to pursue it through DC; perhaps if you're persistent you'll find someone who is willing to help. Other owners who have experienced a lack of cooperation in resolving problems have filed complaints with their local BBB's and or started a petition if a problem was wide spread among many owners, as was the paint/chip issue. If you garner enough support perhaps DC will revisit the issue.

Update - If you're experiencing this issue with your PT please contact Michael, who has set up an email address specifically to gather data to present to DC at


296. My PT has the overhead console with the temperature and compass display. One of the dome lights has burnt out, but I can't figure out how to replace it and I'm afraid to use force. Thanks so much. - Gary, from the USA.

The replacement bulb is identified as T-579. Insert a trim stick between the lamp unit and the lens. Carefully swing down one side the lamp lens. Remove lamp from lamp unit socket. Push lamp in socket and snap into place. Position lens on lamp unit and snap into place.


297. Tom, one of our site regulars, reports that he just installed a pair of hood lift struts and wanted to remove the OEM hood prop rod. Unfortunately, the factory service manual doesn't include this procedure, so Tom, with the help of a PT forum member, removed the OEM prop rod by pushing it through the rubber bushing from the inside of the engine compartment out. This worked fine until he got to the curved end and didn't have enough leverage to wiggle it through (new hood strut was in the way) the hole, so he cut the bushing with a razor blade and removed it along with the rod. Then he temporarily plugged the vacant hole with a chrome bolt & nut, with a large washer on each side. He plans to fit the hole with a rubber plug as soon as he locates something suitable. Thanks Tom. (OEM replacement bushing are available through Wyckoff Chrysler for about $1.44 - Hood Prop Rod Bushing P/N5027549AA)

Dennis Deehan, from New Jersey, came up with an easier way to remove the hood prop rod without cutting the rubber bushing. He sprayed the bushing with WD-40 and let it sit for a few minutes. Then he took a small block of wood, hit the outside of the prop rod and it popped right out. To reinstall it, spray the prop rod with a little WD-40 and just slide it back through the bushing.


298. I have a PT 2002 with about 1800 miles on it. I usually gas up at a local station that has non-additive unbranded gas. The station attendant mentioned I might wish to add a bottle of fuel injector cleaner every third tank or so since their 87% octane unleaded contained no cleaner in it. My MPG is OK, but I want as good as I can get, and also want to treat the Cruiser right. Thank you. - Larry, from the USA.

All refined fuels have additive packages. I think he just wants your money. He makes more profit on one can of injector cleaner than 10 gallons of gas. You can ask to view the MSDS sheet for his fuel. It's an EPA regulation that everyone have Material Safety Data Sheets available.


299. How do you adjust the cold engine start rpm speed? My engine revs between 1500 and 2000 rpm with a cold start (ambient temp 50-80 degrees F.). I would like to lower the revs on a cold start. - Marc, from the USA.

That's part of the PCM engine management strategy. It is not adjustable.


300. My remote keyless (FOB) entry seems to work erratically. It often doesn't seem to work when I am close to the car. Is it possibly because the beam is missing the receiver? Thank you. - John, from the USA.

The key FOB is non-directional, so proximity as long as you're within 23 feet, and direction should not be issues. According the service manual, two conditions can create problems for the FOB.

1. Weak battery - they usually last 1-2 years according to the manual. The recommended replacement battery is 2016 or its equivalent.

2. Proximity to a radio transmitter such as a radio station tower or an airport transmitter, some mobile and CB radios.

You might try using your back-up key FOB to help determine if it's a problem with the FOB you're current using or the vehicle.

Follow Up Note - Scott Sherwood wrote that he experienced a problem with both transmitters -they just stopped functioning altogether. The dealer perform a transmitter test and discovered that the transmitters (FOB's) would emit a very weak signal or none at all, once every 5-6 presses on each transmitter. The next press would emit a full strength signal (an indicator that the FOB battery was not weak). The transmitters were replaced under warranty.


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