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We appreciate your interest in contributing to the PT DIY website and sharing your information with fellow PT owners. Examples of information that you might consider contributing are instructional guides, maintenance procedures, problems and fixes, modifications, operational tips, etc.

When we add a visitors contribution to the web site we try to approach it from a DIY novice's point of view. Therefore, we ask that your submission be as detailed and thorough as possible. With over 300 guides currently housed on the site we understand that this can be a time consuming process and we appreciate your efforts. If you're not sure the subject you're writing about has been previously submitted to the site please contact us via this form prior to assembling your information. We do not want you to spend your time on a guide or procedure that has been previously submitted and posted.

Information does not have to be formatted in any special manner and can be submitted as simple text. Once we receive your submission we will review the content and contact you.

Photographs are always a nice touch and we encourage their usage. Digital photos in a JPEG format are generally preferred, not to exceed 600 W X 600 L pixels. If you do not have the capability of scaling your photos to the suggested dimensions we can take care of that here. If you would like to include digital photos with your submission please contact us for emailing instructions prior to submitting your information.

Although there are no monetary fee's paid for contributions to the site; we encourage you to include your name and state of residence. If your information is added to the site, your contribution will be acknowledged with a credit. All information contributed to the web site becomes the property of

Owners, who do not currently hold a Pit Pass subscription and would like to submit a guide, which we currently do not offer on the site, are eligible for a complimentary annual subscription. The guide must be usable on the domestic 2.4L Cruiser and include complete installation details, including photos. If it involves a product, the product must be readily available. Please contact us prior to submitting any information to discuss your installation. We reserve the right to refuse any guide, which we deem inappropriate for use on the site. This offer is available to first-time guests who haven't previously held a Pit Pass subscription.

Please use the form below to submit your information. Thank you.

Bar Terms of Service

Welcome to, also known as The website is currently provided free of charge with the exception of the Pit area, which is accessible to users who purchase an annual Pit Pass. By using any of the information or services available on, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, do not enter the website.

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