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Dear Pit Pass Subscriber,

Welcome to the PT DIY Technical Information service. If you have a question and or are experiencing a drivability issue with your PT this is the place to ask.

Prior to requesting help please make an effort to locate the information on the website. After 14 years of providing this service there is more than a 90% chance that your question has previously been asked and answered. Locating information on the site is easily accomplished using the Main Index in the Technical Library.


Question Guidelines

Q&A's Not Covered

We lack expertise in the following areas therefore we suggest that you direct your question to a more appropriate source. Click on the link to view the suggested resource for each topic.

Body Modifications - lowering, hydraulics, fiberglass body kits, painting, etc., other than the related topics already covered on the website.

Transaxle and A/C & Heating Issues The service manuals provides very little diagnostic information in these areas. If you don't find an answer to your question within the OE guides and diagnostics in the Pit area or Technical Library please contact your local dealer for assistance.

Tire, Wheel and Suspension - modification and upgrades, other than the Tire, Wheel and Suspension related topics already covered on the website.

Audio System - modification or upgrades, other than the related topics already covered on the website.

After Market Parts Installation - We do not troubleshoot aftermarket part installations. If an installation is beyond your ability retain the services of a professional. If you decide to handle the work personally and experience difficulties during the installation and or the installation creates an additional problem with your PT please review the installation instructions included with the product or contact the manufacturer's tech support service.

Vehicle Noise & Odors - Vehicle noise and odors are impossible to diagnose via an online connection. The pitch, frequency, location, driving conditions, vibration, volume, etc. all help to locate the concern. Unless you can track it down on your own, a trip to the dealer is usually required.

Performance Mod Recommendations - We do not make performance modification recommendations; these are personal choices only you can make. A good deal of information has already been discussed in length and posted on the website here, and in the add-on aftermarket product guides within the Pit area, for your use.


Ask a Question

In order to answer your question, we will need All of the following information.

A. Think about what you want to say - If we can't understand you, we can't help you. Relax, form complete sentences, and articulate the problem to the best of your ability.

B. Provide complete details - Who, what, when and where. Vagueness will result in our inability to offer advice.

C. Vehicle Changes - Include all additions, changes or events that preceded the problem.

D. If you're experiencing a drivability issue or the engine light IS lit run the two diagnostic vehicle self-tests and provide the DTC code results.

E. If you've had the vehicle in for repair, what tests did they perform and what was the outcome?

After you've gathered all of the relevant information you need to request help please login to the Pit Area using this direct link to the "Ask Motor-Mike" page and submit your question.

Bar Terms of Service

Welcome to, also known as The website is currently provided free of charge with the exception of the Pit area, which is accessible to users who purchase an annual Pit Pass. By using any of the information or services available on, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, do not enter the website.

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